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Treating Your Lower Back Pain

If you are seeking sports medicine physical therapy in Midtown West, get in touch with our team at First Health Physical Therapy. 

Lower back pain is the number one cause of job-related injuries. Approximately 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain within their lifetime. Most lower back pain cases occur to people in the 30-50 years old range but it can happen to anyone, especially athletes. For instance, let’s say your playing football and get tackled awkwardly. You become at risk for acute lower back pain (can last up to 3 weeks) or chronic back pain (can last up to 3 months).

In this case, our sports medicine physical therapy in Midtown West at First Health Physical Therapy would give you the best chance to ease these pains. Let’s list off some types of lower back injuries and symptoms then jump into treating this grueling injury. 

Types of Injuries and Symptoms

  • Injury: Strains– The stretching or tearing of ligaments and back muscles. 
  • Symptoms: Swelling, stiffness, uncomfortable when moving, razor-sharp pain, etc.
  • Injury: Herniated Disc– When the cartilage surrounding the disc swells around the spine.
  • Symptoms: Inflammation(swelling), stiffness, pain, immobility, etc.
  • Injury: Lumbar Sprain– When fibers in the lower back are stretched and in worse cases, torn.
  • Symptoms: Mobility pain, lower back cramps, and spasms, “popping” or “tearing” feeling, etc.
  • Injury: Degenerative Disc Disease– Spinal disc loses hydration and loses stability over time. 
  • Symptoms: Numbness, weakness, shooting pains in the hips, lower back, and buttocks, nerve pinching, etc. 

First Health’s Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Pain medicine is not always the answer. When it comes to lower back pain, pain can be managed by physical therapy in most cases. First Health, our sports medicine physical therapy in Midtown West, sets the bar for returning athletes, or anyone, back to their normal self. It is important to nudge acute lower back pain early before the problem becomes chronic. At First Health, joint manipulation, stretching, massages, and therapies are all procedural ways to ease our client’s lower back pain. 

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Midtown West

Depending on your injury, our team is committed to finding the best possible solution to your problem. We will make it our testament to match the care that makes the most sense for your injury. For any athletes who are in the New York City area and seeking out sports medicine physical therapy in Midtown West, call (212) 421- 1740. Health comes first, so choose First Health Physical Therapy!