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The Importance of Proper Lift Form

Are you someone who enjoys weight lifting? Weight lifting is a great way to help you lose fat, increase strength, and muscle tone. If you are someone who enjoys weight lifting, you should be using the proper lifting techniques to decrease your risk of a back injury. Training incorrectly could lead to serious injuries if not done properly. If you or someone who knows has injured their back from weight lifting, visit our back doctor in Midtown at First Health PT.  

The Importance of Proper Lift Form

To ensure you are lifting using proper form, it can be beneficial to see someone who is trained in weight lifting like a physical therapist or an athletic trainer.  First Health PT works to provide you with personal, genuine care to fit your needs. Not only do we have physical therapy, but after therapy and personal training programs. Our personal training programs are great for those who need guidance when it comes to weight training. Scheduling an appointment with someone certified and knowledgeable in weight training can decrease the risk of any injury you may get while weight training. If you’re looking for a certified physical therapist to check your form, check out our back doctor in midtown. 

When weight training, some important things to keep in mind are: 

  • Lifting an appropriate amount of weight for your own body

It is important to remember that everyone’s body is different and not everyone can lift the same amount of weight. To start, find a weight that you can comfortably lift for 12 to 15 reps. As you get stronger, you can begin to gradually increase the weight.

  • Lift with proper form

Lifting with proper form is extremely important because if you don’t it will increase your risk of injury. The better your form is, the better your results will be. To be sure you are properly doing the exercise correctly, be sure to see a fitness trainer or our back doctor in Midtown for help.

  • Breathe

When lifting weights, it can be hard to relax and remember to breathe. It is important to remember not to hold your breath and breathe out as you lift the weight.

  • Rest your body

When weightlifting it is important to avoid exercising the same muscle group 2 days in a row. If you continuously work for the same muscle group multiple days in a row, it can lead to injury. It is important to let these muscle groups rest and recuperate. 

If you remember these tips when weight lifting, you are more likely to reduce the risk of a back injury. The more you focus on proper form, the better the overall results will be. 

Common Weightlifting Mistakes

Now that we discussed some important tips to keep in mind, let’s discuss some common mistakes people make when it comes to weight lifting. Common mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to weight lifting are:

  • Be sure to warm-up 

Before lifting weights, it’s important to warm up your muscles to decrease the risk of injury. Working out with cold muscles are more prone to injury so be sure to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before starting weightlifting.

  • Don’t rush

If you are weight lifting, it is important to lift with a controlled movement. Slow, controlled movements help isolate the muscle group you are working on. Be sure to rest in between movements.

  • Don’t overdo it

When weight lifting, you may look to do multiple sets of each exercise. Most people complete sets until they start to feel fatigued. If you have completed a set and are beginning to feel fatigued, be sure to stop and not overdo it. Overdoing it can contribute to injuries.

  • If you are in pain, stop

If you’re weightlifting and begin to feel pain, stop the exercise. If you are feeling pain, it is best to try waiting a couple of days to recover and try again with a lower weight. If pain continues, think about seeing one of our back doctors in Midtown at First Health PT.

Contact Our Back Doctor in Midtown

Making sure you have proper lifting form is important for everybody. No matter if you are just starting to weight lift or have been lifting for years, always check for proper form. Proper techniques are a great way to decrease injuries, especially in the back. If you need a Physical Therapist to check your form, visit our back doctor in Midtown at First Health PT today!