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Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC

Searching for Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC, Manhattan, and the surrounding area?

telehealth physical therapy in nyc

Who Are We?

We provide Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in an integrative space that focuses on improving functional and athletic performance. First Health Physical Therapy incorporates the Sports Medicine model into its physical therapy and sports training program.

Our treatment method incorporates the highest level of evidence-based techniques combined with a compassionate whole body view. One-on-one sessions with a skilled Physical Therapist allows us to offer the highest quality manual therapy and exercise instruction to enhance and protect the way you move. Working in a unique Integrative Center helps us to have open communication between the therapist, patient, physician, athlete, coach, and personal trainer and ensure you safely progress back to the quality of life you want.

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Due to the ever-evolving pandemic that is presently sweeping our country and the rest of the world, telemedicine has now become imperative for patients who are seeking healthcare. Presently, we are offering our patients telehealth physical therapy in NYC, Manhattan, and the rest of New York in an effort to give our patients the treatment that they require for PT related injuries. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website or fill out the form below to get started:


Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC
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Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC
Are you a resident of NYC and need telehealth physical therapy? Our practice, located in Midtown, is now offering virtual appointments.
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First Health Physical Therapy
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