Sprained Back Therapy Near Me - Back Pain Doctor in Midtown
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Sprained Back Therapy Near Me

If you’re having sharp pain in your back and difficulty moving your back, you may have a sprained back. A back sprain happens when muscle fibers or ligaments are stretched excessively or torn. This type of injury can be excruciating to deal with, but there is help near you for your sprained back. If you or someone you know is looking for a back pain doctor in Midtown, then First Health Physical Therapy can help you find relief from your sprained back.

Sprained Back Therapy

The best option for treating a sprained back is to consult a back pain doctor in Midtown. They will be able to diagnose your sprained back, determine the type of back sprain you have, and design a treatment plan that will work for your injury. If you’re suffering from a sprained back, you may be wondering, “What therapy will work for me?” 

There are two goals for treating a sprained back: pain reduction and function restoration. Depending on the severity of your pain, your physical therapy treatment options address one of these goals.

Physical therapy treatments that reduce pain include the following:

  • Electrical stimulation: This treatment uses electrical pulses to stimulate your muscles and strengthen them, reducing muscle spasms and speeding up healing. The electrical pulses mimic the way your body naturally exercises your muscles.
  • Soft tissue massage: This treatment involves lightly massaging the injured area using trigger point massages and lymphatic drain techniques. Tissue massage can reduce inflammation & muscle spasms and lessen pain.
  • Ultrasound: This treatment involves deep-heating muscles with ultrasound waves. Ultrasound treatment can promote better circulation and healing in the affected area.

After reducing your pain, physical therapists will then use techniques that improve muscle function after an injury, such as:

  • Stretching exercises – Stretching the muscle to increase its flexibility
  • Strengthening exercises – Exercises that force pressure on the affected muscle to strengthen it
  • Postural exercises – Exercises for practicing good posture so the likelihood of an injury decreases
  • Mobility exercises – Increasing the range of motion of an injury site

Physical therapists often choose the types of exercises for their patients based on the cause of their sprained back to prevent re-injury in the future. At First Health PT, we can help you find relief from your sprained back with treatments that are right for you!

Contact Our Back Pain Doctor in Midtown

Having a sprained back limits your movement and causes pain that can be stressful to deal with in your life. But you don’t have to deal with your back pain alone. If you or someone you know needs a back pain doctor in Midtown, then our team at First Health PT is here for you. Please visit our website to learn more about us, and make an appointment for your sprained back today!