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Safe Lifting Techniques In The Workplace

Are you in need of a low back doctor in Midtown for pain related to an injury suffered on the job? Our team at First Health Physical Therapy is here to help diagnose your pain and find the most optimal treatment plan for you. 

Safe Lifting Techniques

When discussing safe lifting techniques, there is nothing more important than some of the forms and ways in which you live, along with how often you’re living. Most of the injuries caused in workplace lifting are usually to the effect of overuse injuries. This is contrary to the belief which falls under the guise that most people tweak or hurt themselves permanently based on one unfortunate, sudden event. Overuse injuries pertain to when you are lifting constantly in the same state or position that is mostly incorrect, and wearing down certain tissues, muscles, muscle groups, or even bones. 

From this wearing down, you can get things like fractures, impingements, strains, and tears that would not have been possible if proper form and function were utilized throughout the exercise. One of the most common remedies for this is rest, and our low back doctor in Midtown at First Health PT subscribes to that notion. If you feel like you’re having low back problems, which is the case for most work-related overuse injuries, the best-case scenario is found by resting the muscle and working on a low-stress project that your back can handle.

Preventing Injuries on the Job

There are plenty of ways to prevent injuries while on the job. The most common form which we talked about earlier was the correct form when lifting, but what does the correct form look like? Does it always have to be slow and steady to receive a quality job, or can you be efficient with the way you move and still have the correct posture and form while lifting? Does the notion of lifting with your legs always apply? There are plenty of questions our low back doctor in Midtown receives constantly about proper technique so they don’t have to suffer another lower back injury. 

Our low back doctor in Midtown is a big proponent of good posture when it comes to preventing injury at the workplace. The last thing we’d want to do is miss out on the opportunity for higher-grade compensation and overall life due to an injury from work. That’s why our low back doctor in Midtown compiled a list to help our local patrons in midtown work calmly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

Safe Lifting Techniques for the Workplace

The first way to protect yourself while lifting is to make sure you’re getting as close as possible to the package or weight you’re hoping to pick up. This makes sure your body is connecting with the weight as soon as possible as to not damage either yourself or the package. The jerking motions made can also be slowed down as to not persuade your body to go either back or forth while lifting and to not lift with your back.

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From these cases, we can understand that safety in lifting is incredibly important in making sure your fellow employees and yourself are safe. For more information about safely lifting, visit our website, today!