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Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Are you searching for physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan? First Health Physical Therapy, led by founder Noah Hyman, has been serving the Manhattan community for nearly 20 years – providing clients with innovative techniques and state of the art equipment to help treat an abundance of complications. Combined with our personal training regimen, our staff has put together a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to providing patients with upper-echelon sports medicine physical therapy and healthcare attention.

Noah Hyman (Founder)


With over 20 years of clinical experience in Rehabilitation and Fitness fields, Noah is attentive, compassionate and understands the needs of an individual who is in pain. Having graduated from the Steinhardt School of Education at NYU in 1994 with a degree in Physical Therapy, Noah always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He has attained advanced training through courses specializing in Mobilization techniques (Maitland and Paris Mobilizations, Muscle Energy), Soft Tissue Mobilization, advanced Rehabilitation of the Shoulder, Knee and Ankle, The Rehabilitation of the Golf Injuries and Performance Enhancement of the Golf Swing and various courses in the Current Concepts of both Adult and Youth Sports Medicine.

Noah’s extensive background in orthopedic and sports medicine includes diverse outpatient clinics throughout the New York metropolitan area. He was affiliated with Beth Israel Medical Center (North and South) and interned for Hospital for Joint Diseases and The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Noah founded First Health Physical Therapy in Midtown in 2001 because he saw a growing need to provide compassionate and genuine care customized to each individual. He is currently affiliated with NYU, American Physical Therapy Association, NY Physical Therapy Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Noah was featured in the book Bone Density Diet: 6 Weeks to a Strong Mind and Body by Dr. George Kessler, MD, on Osteoporosis prevention. Contact Noah and his team for physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan!

Why Train at First Health Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan?

Most traditional training programs are not effective because individuals rely on machines that isolate movements in single planes of motion. However, the human body does not work in this fashion. The human body works dynamically with movements in multiple planes of motion, with muscles working synergistically to produce force and maintain balance.


What Can I Expect During My First Visit?


On your first visit, we will give you an initial evaluation. Your physical therapist will take a thorough history of your condition and then take specific tests and measurements to pinpoint your area to be treated. Your therapist will use this data to make a clinical judgment of your diagnosis and prognosis. Then your therapist will work together with you towards planning the best way to resolve the problems identified. Goals and plans for your therapy will be explained thoroughly before your following visits.


How Do I Schedule An Appointment?


To schedule an appointment with our therapists, please call, fax or email us. Contact us and let’s get started with physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan!


What Services Do We Offer?


Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan


We provide Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in an integrative space that focuses on improving functional and athletic performance. First Health Physical Therapy incorporates the Sports Medicine model into its physical therapy and sports training program.


Personal Training


Once you have finished your rehab at FHPT.  Continue your journey back to regular fitness level by attending one of our Balanced Body Programs or train with one of our trainers who are attentive to injuries and will who will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Wellness Visit/Review


Wellness visit-have one of our skilled musculoskeletal PT’s review your Home Exercise Program, advance you program or assist you in preventing any further injuries and enhance your athletic performance (golf, tennis, basketball, soccer….)

What can a Physical Therapist do for you?

What can a Physical Therapist do for you?


If you are in search of quality physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan, get in touch with First Health Physical Therapy.  We make it our top priority to give our patients the highest quality care possible! 

Physical Therapy is defined as the treatment of disease or injury by physical methods such as massages and exercises. Therefore, physical therapists are the movement experts who offer hands-on physical therapy treatment. Not only do they offer a hands-on experience, but they also teach their patients how to prevent and manage their pain, so they can treat themselves as well. Some of the duties that physical therapists have are:

  • Determine and treat discomfort.
  • Recover physical and functional strength.
  • Rehabilitate and preserve your optimal wellness and quality of life, in which that relate to your movement and health.
  • Avoid the growth and spread of symptoms, disabilities, and limitations that may result in diseases or injuries. 


It’s essential that your physical therapist is someone who you can trust, so you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment. You should consider physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan. First Health Physical Therapy treats their patients with the best care while giving them the quality treatment they deserve.


Types of Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan


There are many types of physical therapy. There are different types of physical therapy because distinct injuries require specific types of treatments. For example, some types of physical therapy may cure your back, however, it won’t alleviate any of your shoulder pain. Some of the various types of physical therapy are:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Neurological Physical Therapy
  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy


It is crucial that you go to the right physical therapist. If you do not go to a physical therapist that you can fully trust then your treatment won’t be as effective. The physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan that First Health PT offers is quality and trustworthy.


What to Expect From Your First Physical Therapy Visit


Physical Therapy can help you in more ways than you may realize, but first, we must learn what you should expect when becoming a patient of physical therapy. Here is what you should expect when you visit a physical therapist:

  • Undergo a physical exam
  • Receive a clinical diagnosis
  • Receive physical therapy treatment
  • Receive self-management recommendations


This is the classical procedure that First Health Physical Therapy – physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan, will take so they can properly treat their patients. There are many benefits that can come from physical therapy. Some of these benefits are:

  • Avoid Surgery 
  • Improved Balance
  • Pain Management 
  • Improved Mobility and Movement
  • Recovery from Injury
  • Fall Prevention
  • Reduce Pain


Physical Therapy has proven to relieve countless people from pain throughout their body, and they can do the same for you!


Contact Us!


Are you searching for quality physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan? If so, schedule an appointment with First Health Physical Therapy! We want to assure that you get the preferred care and treatment that you deserve!

Physical Therapy for Arthritis Pain

If you or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, and are in search of physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan, contact First Health Physical Therapy today for more information.  

Arthritis is considered to be the inflammation in your joints. This will ultimately result in stiffness and pain, which will make you very uncomfortable. Arthritis is a serious condition that must be treated properly. If you do not give your arthritis the attention it deserves then it can worsen. If you suffer from arthritis pain and are searching for a solution, book an appointment with First Health Physical Therapy. Our physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan will make you feel like a brand new person!

Causes and Symptoms of Arthritis

There are a wide variety of causes and symptoms that come along with arthritis. The two main types of arthritis that cause the majority of the pain are:

  • Osteoarthritis
    • It is the wear-and-tear damage to your joint’s cartilage, which is the hard, slick coating on the ends of bones where they form a joint. This can build up over years, or occur suddenly due to an injury. Osteoarthritis can also affect the entire joint, changing the bones and destroying the connective tissue. 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • The body’s immune system attempts to destroy the lining of the joint, which is a tough membrane that encompasses all the joint parts. This will result in inflammation and swelling near the joint. Ultimately, this can destroy your cartilage and bone within the joint.

These two types of arthritis can have an enormous negative impact on someone’s life. Everyone must know the symptoms of arthritis, so they do not have to suffer from excruciating pain. Some symptoms of arthritis are:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Decreased Range of Motion

If you notice any of these symptoms or if you experience any of the pain listed above, visit our physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan.

Benefits of Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Physical Therapy can be one of, if not, the best way to treat your arthritis pain. Many benefits come from physical therapy that can be very useful to treat your arthritis. Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduce and Eliminate Pain
  • Avoid Surgery
  • Improve Mobility
  • Recover from a Sports Injury
  • Improve your balance
  • Prevent Falls
  • Manage Vascular Conditions
  • Manage Age-Related Issues
  • Manage Heart Disease
  • Manage Lung Disease
  • Manage Other Conditions

These benefits can help you tremendously if you suffer from arthritis. The physical movement will reduce the tenderness and swelling in your joints, which will result in less pain. Visit our physical therapy in Midtown West if you want to reap the benefits of physical therapy.

Other Ways to Get Natural Relief  

Other useful things can be done to prevent your arthritis pain from constantly occurring. Some other ways you can naturally relief your arthritis pain are: 

  • Lose Weight
  • Get More Exercise
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Eat Healthier
  • Get a Massage
  • Use Herbal Supplements

These techniques can be very effective if you suffer from arthritis. Even if you are only able to do three things from the list above, it will make a big difference.

Contact Us 

Visit First Health Physical Therapy if you want to learn more about how physical therapy can work wonders for your arthritis pain. The physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan that we offer will help you get back to your normal daily activities without enduring the pain you do now! 

Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan
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Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan
If you or someone you know is in search of physical therapy in Midtown Manhattan, our team at First Health Physical Therapy can help you!
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