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Physical Therapy After Back Surgery

If you or someone you know underwent back surgery such as the spine or lower back, pain may be a side effect after the procedure. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, consider coming to us here at First Health PT. Our physical therapist in Midtown Manhattan can assist you while you recover from your surgery. Our team will evaluate and create a program specifically for your treatment of your back pain Midtown.  


Tips For Controlling Back Pain After Surgery


Surgery is a traumatic experience for the body and as a result, experiencing pain after the procedure is very common. It is important to follow these tips to allow for faster recovery and control of back pain. 


  • Watch and pay careful attention to your posture. 
  • Apply ice packs and heat pads when needed.
  • Keep moving and or change positions. Don’t stay in one position for prolonged periods. 
  • Take pain medication as prescribed. 
  • Ask for help when needed. 


If pain persists, it’s time to schedule an appointment at First Health PT. Our physical therapist for back pain Midtown is well-equipped to assist you with your treatment needs.


What Can Physical Therapy Do For Back Pain Midtown?  


Our team at First Health PT is here to ensure a faster recovery and help you return to your normal life. Therefore, It is important to understand the different types of exercises our physical therapist for back pain Midtown may implement for your discomfort.


  • Press-ups: This exercise is a simple way to help get mobility back in your lower back. By lying down on your stomach with your arms flat on the ground underneath your shoulders. Carefully lift your upper body while keeping your lower back on the ground.


  • Walking Exercise Program: Walking is important as it allows for blood flow throughout the body. Additionally, it keeps the spine in a natural upright position. It may be the best workout as the cardio can help bring nutrients to your spine and tissues for faster recovery.


  • Prone-Lying: A simple exercise in which you lie on your stomach and just allow your body to rest. Breathe slowly and hold for a few minutes. You can even prop yourself onto your elbows and perform a prone-up.

Contact our Expert Physical Therapist for Back Pain Midtown

If you are looking for back pain treatment in Midtown, contact our team at First Health PT right away.  Our physical therapist in Midtown Manhattan will assist in a fast recovery after your surgery and get you back to your normal routine before the pain started.