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Physical Therapy for ACL Injuries?

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After an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, you may seek physical therapy to regain mobility. Physical therapy will improve the range of motion of the injured knee and strengthen the knee. At First Health, we can address your ACL injury and provide physical therapy from one of our specialists. During near me Midtown physical therapy, tests will be performed to determine the damaged ligaments, as well as a recovery plan.

What does an ACL injury consist of?

If you are suffering from knee pain, an ACL injury may be the cause. The ACL connects your thigh bone to your shinbone. ACL injuries most commonly occur during physical activity, such as sports. The ACL can be torn and consist of feelings of instability in the knee. Our physical therapist can help you determine the severity of the injury and provide near me Midtown physical therapy. 

Symptoms of an ACL Injury

An ACL injury can be assured by one of our licensed physical therapists. Symptoms of an ACL injury include:

  • A loud pop  in the knee
  • Severe pain 
  • Swelling
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability after weight-bearing

Physical Therapy

To heal an ACL injury, physical therapy may be required. Near me midtown physical therapy will help to relieve pain and prevent further injury to the ACL. After an evaluation with one of our specialists, the following components of physical therapy may be performed:

  • Gait training- The teaching of how to walk with an assistive device like crutches.
  • Strengthening exercises- The teaching of exercises that strengthen the hamstrings and hip muscles.
  • Range of motion exercises- The teaching of exercises that help improve your knee mobility.
  • Balance exercises- The teaching of exercises to regain normal proprioception.
  • Plyometrics- Learning to regain normal proprioception.

Contact Our Office at First Health For An Appointment

If you or someone you know is suffering from knee pain, it may be an ACL injury. You should consider First Health to provide near me midtown physical therapy and come up with a solution to heal your knee. Contact First Health to schedule an appointment and assess your ACL injury today.