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Do Neck Stretches Help With Headaches?

Telehealth Pt For Neck Pain in Midtown NY

Often, when some of us are having quite a bad day, headaches love to introduce themselves when we undergo a ton of stress, resulting in us always finding ways to be rid of those pesky pains. Here at First Health, telehealth pt for neck pain in midtown NY, we have our ways of dealing with headaches, yet a common trick our staff has caught wind of is that neck stretches help fight headaches. This is, in fact, somewhat true! There are particular kinds of headaches, with one that several neck stretches work toward!

The Headaches That Go Away With Stretching

Tension headaches arise from the head being in a disturbed state either from being hit repeatedly or from some other (hopefully not so violent) physical pain of some kind, hence where the tension fits into the title. It is definitely a typical headache, and either comes back repeatedly in 30 minutes-hour bursts or comes back repeatedly for hours. These are episodic and chronic headaches, respectively. Both can come back to ruin your day, either for fifteen minutes or an entire week. What separates the two is the duration of each burst. First Health telehealth pt for neck pain in midtown NY is here to help you with your neck injuries. Should it be necessary, contact your medical provider for pharmaceutical help.

Stretches You Can Do Anytime

There are four great stretches to use anytime, anywhere:

  • Chin Tuck
  • Neck Flexion
  • Chin Tuck with Overpressure
  • Neck Extension

These are all incredibly simple to perform and can do wonders to fix whatever bad day you may be having. The chin tuck is done by placing your index and middle fingers beneath your lower lip and inclining your head downward and upward repeatedly. The neck flexion is pressing your head down so that your chin touches your chest (or as close to your chest as possible). The chin tuck with overpressure is similar to the normal one, inclining your head downward for one to two minutes longer. Neck extensions are just inkling your head back.

Contact Telehealth PT For Neck Pain in Midtown NY

Should you have frequent headaches, or have injuries that upset your daily life, feel free to reach out to First Health, telehealth pt for neck pain in midtown NY! We are based in Midtown West, New York. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment.