McKenzie Method Therapy - First Health Physical Therapy
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McKenzie Method Therapy

The McKenzie Method has been in practice for over 30 years now and is utilized at several physical therapy offices. First Health Physical Therapy is in the process of offering McKenzie Method Therapy in Midtown West and this practice has various unique benefits that are able to treat a wide variety of injuries. If you’re interested in potentially pursuing this method of treatment, contact us today to give the McKenzie Method a shot; especially if you are in any sort of chronic pain.

What is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method prides itself on the ability to give patients quality feedback regarding their injury. Spinal disorders and conditions of the neck and back are typically treated by the McKenzie method, which is what prompts patients to try the technique. Physical therapists are trained in this method to help give the patient the perfect strategies to prevent further complications with back and neck pain. Getting down to the necessary steps, the McKenzie Method is composed of four different aspects:

  1. Assessment
  2. Classification
  3. Treatment
  4. Prevention

Each step is crucial for the patient as the goal is to progressively improve their health and provide for them an avenue of pain relief. By using its set of exercises, the method can potentially accomplish both of these goals. The crux of the method focuses on “centralizing” the pain through the use of exercises that are able to extend the spine. But the primary goal of the program is to give patients a workout routine that they can execute at-home on their own free time, whenever pain-relief is needed. The McKenzie Method is all about self-healing and self-treatment and is highly important to the patient’s health.  


When physical therapists use the McKenzie Method Therapy in Midtown West, they make sure that the method is a perfect fit for the patient and that they are benefitting from the strategies given. Some of the benefits of the McKenzie Method can include the following:

  • Pain reduction.
  • A potential return to healthy, everyday living.
  • Prevent the presence of chronic pain.
  • Allow you to seek relief on your own time.

The McKenzie Method is a practice that many are using in physical therapy and it shows a great improvement in the patient’s health. Visiting First Health Physical Therapy can help strengthen your muscles and assist several problems or pain that may be causing any discomfort. Contact us to make an appointment today and find out more information about the McKenzie Method Therapy in Midtown West and how it could benefit you and your health.