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Improving Posture to Prevent Back Pain

Back Doctor In Midtown

Have you been experiencing back pain and are unsure of the cause? It could be from poor posture. Poor posture causes added stress upon muscle tissue and joints in the back. First Health Physical Therapy offers many treatments and exercises to help improve your posture. Our back doctor in Midtown will help reduce any back pain you are experiencing. 

Having poor posture puts undesired pain and strain on both the upper and lower parts of your back and in between shoulder blades. This stress and strain create back pain as well as other harsh effects on your body. It can affect your organs, create fatigue and tension, round shoulders, round protruding stomach, affecting the spine’s movement ability, and wear and tear of joints, so it is important to try and fix the way you sit and stand.

How posture may be affecting your back: 

  • Slouching while sitting or standing 
  • Sitting in bed looking at your phone or computer hunching over 
  • Lying on your stomach while looking at a computer, phone, or reading
  • Lifting heavy objects with bad form
  • Sitting in a position where you are putting pressure on your spine

Ways to Improve your posture:

  • Improve your posture when you notice yourself slouching 
  • Stand tall 
  • Improve your workspace so you are not hunched over your desk 
  • Try to limit looking down at your phone or computer for long periods of time or try to improve the position you are sitting in so your neck and spine are not slouched. 
  • Add support when you sit
  • Be careful while lifting heavy objects
  • Take breaks and stretch periodically while sitting for a while

For more information on how to improve your posture click here and contact our back doctor in Midtown to relieve your back pain. 

First Health Physical Therapy offers many services and treatments to help alleviate your back pain. Although it is hard to correct your posture overnight, it is important to be working towards having better posture and fixing the way you sit or stand when you notice yourself slouching. Our back doctor in Midtown is here to help you make an appointment today!