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How Does My Posture Affect My Back Pain?

How Does My Posture Affect My Back Pain?

Bad posture is not an instant source of pain for your back. You are very unlikely to be in pain if you have a slight slouch for a little while. It is when you have poor posture over a course of time that you start to feel the negative effects. The pressure on your spine can lead to physical changes in your spine, this can add pressure to your muscles, discs, and joints as well as contribute to possible nerve damage. Contact the top back pain doctors in Midtown at First Health PT to help formulate a course of action and get you back to doing what you love. 

You can also take matters into your own hands and help alleviate the symptoms of back pain by doing the following: 

  • Walking straight up: while walking and running, maintaining good posture is important. Looking straight ahead and keeping your head balanced helps the spine stay in its natural position. 
  • Sit down with proper posture: Whether we are in our car or at work. We spend a lot of time sitting down. You want to make sure you are not hunched over the steering wheel or the keyboard as these postures are proven to mess up your neck and back. To help with this get an adjustable chair with good back support and armrests. Take frequent breaks when you are at the desk to ensure your body is getting blood flow to other parts of the body.
  • Lift correctly: One of the most common ways to injure one’s back is heavy lifting. Poor posture can result in you injuring your discs in the back, muscles, nerves, and joints. 

Posture is key in maintaining a healthy back. It can also help improve other areas of your life that you may not have thought of. The top back pain doctors in Midtown are experienced with this and will help you correct your posture and help you get more energy. All while improving your quality of life

  • Reduce back pain: This will help improve daily functions of life and help you to be more active. 
  • Fewer headaches: Having better posture helps lessen the muscle tension in your back and neck, which directly affects the head. 
  • Increased energy levels– When the bones and joints are in correct alignment with one another it allows the muscles to relax and not have to force themselves to get your bones in place. This means the muscles don’t have to work as hard to do the things that they are supposed to do. Therefore giving you more energy. 
  • Less tension on the shoulders and back: This will help to improve sleep and exercise performance.
  • Increased lung capacity: When you slouch, you compress your lungs. When you are sitting or standing taller your lungs have more space to expand. 
  • Improved circulation: When you slouch you compress your vital organs. This causes poor circulation and your organs not to function as well. 

When you are mindful of how you are standing and sitting, that can help immensely with your back pain. Set reminders on your phone throughout the day to remind you to adjust your posture. Set multiple because it is easy to fall back into bad habits and not even realize this. Once you get that notification odds are you will immediately adjust your posture and didn’t even realize how off it even was.

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Back surgery is a major procedure and can be risky given your age and other factors of your life. Avoid surgery on your back by taking action now and start with easy reminders to adjust the spine. Eventually, you will have better muscle memory and your posture will improve. If you believe you need medical attention now to address your back pain, then you can at ease know there are the top back pain doctors in Midtown First Health PT.