Home Remedies for Back Pain - Low Back Pain Doctor in Midtown
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Home Remedies for Back Pain

Suffering From Lower Back Pain?

Are you suffering from lower back pain? You’re not alone. Research shows that eight in ten Americans suffer from back pain at some point in life. The lower back is most prevalent. The cause of back pain varies, it can be the result of a sprain from lifting a box to conditions such as chronic arthritis. If you’re suffering from lower back pain it is time to get checked out by a low back pain doctor in Midtown at First Health PT. In the meantime, there are other ways for you to find relief from the comfort of your home.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

There are many techniques for back pain relief that physical therapists use every day to help patients. A few different home remedies that our low back pain doctor in Midtown suggests to do on your own include:

  • Stretch and Strengthen- Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are great ways to keep your core muscles stretched and strong. Strength and flexibility help relieve pain and prevent it. You can consult our low back pain doctor in Midtown for guidance.
  • Heat and Ice- Heat relaxes muscle tightness.Ice will help any inflammation or swelling. 
  • Keep Good Posture – Aim to keep your head centered over your pelvis. Don’t slouch your shoulders or crane your chin forward.
  • Move Around- Maintain your usual daily activity. Aim to move around at least 3x per day. Laying around on an injured back is counterproductive.
  • Medicated Creams- Skin creams with menthol, lidocaine, or camphor specifically, They can numb the area via heating and cooling. 
  • Lose Weight- Fewer pounds on the body puts less strain on the back. 
  • OTC Medications- Non-prescription pain-relievers such as (NSAIDs) can help with stiffness, aches, and inflammation. 
  • Rolled Towel- A rolled towel under your pelvis when your laying down will help stretch out the tension in your lower back as you relax your hips over the towel. 

Contact Our Low Back Pain Doctor in Midtown

If you’re suffering from lower back pain your best option is to consult a low back pain doctor in Midtown. We at First Health PT understand that circumstances exist where not everyone can see a doctor immediately. That is why we have provided a list of home remedies to help get you some relief in the meantime. Contact our team today to get the best back pain care in NYC! We look forward to treating you!