Football Injuries Treated Through NYS Physical Therapy Telehealth
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Football Injuries Treated Through Physical Therapy

Football is an extremely physical sport, involving hitting, and weird body postures. The physical nature of the sport puts a lot of pressure on their bodies. This makes the players in more of a risk of getting injured. There are many injuries that are associated with football players. Some of these injuries include joint injuries, back pain, and shoulder injuries. Physical therapy can help treat these football-related injuries. First Health PT offers NYS physical therapy telehealth for many forms of injuries including sports-related. Let’s take a look at these three examples and how physical therapy can help treat these three common football injuries. 

Knee Injuries 

One of the most common injuries in football is knee injuries. A knee injury can become detrimental to a player’s future in the sport. Some common knee injuries include ACL injuries, PCL injuries, and meniscal injuries. Physical therapy can be essential for treating knee injuries. Some ways physical therapy can help treat knee injuries are through exercises to help through the recovery process, balance exercises to prepare the knee to return to its normal state, icing the knee to prevent swelling, and hands-on treatment to prevent the knee from becoming stiff. First Health PT’s NYS physical therapy telehealth offers all the physical therapy needs for knee injuries, to ensure a steady recovery. 

Shoulder Injuries

Another example of common football injuries is shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries are especially common with defensive and offensive linemen. Some examples of common shoulder injuries are acromioclavicular or labrum injuries. Physical therapy can help treat shoulder injuries based on different situations. If the injury does not need surgery they will try to improve the motion of the shoulder which will help reduce the repetitive injury. The shoulder can heal if the mechanical stress on the shoulder is reduced. If the injury does require surgery, they will try to move the arm with assistance and apply the correct amount of strain on the shoulder. Once the shoulder is healed, a physical therapist can put more resistance on the shoulder. Proper physical therapy can help treat any football-related shoulder injury. First Health PT’s NYS physical therapy telehealth can help with shoulder injury recovery and help enhance your performance. 

Back Pain

Football players tend to overuse or over train their bodies, which doesn’t give it time to properly recover. The overuse of your body can develop a risk of an injury. This can cause many back and lower back pain complaints from the players. Some physical therapy treatments to back pain are pain-relieving methods, proper back stretching, exercises geared towards healing the back, manual therapy to increase flexibility, and decreasing painful activities. These are just a few examples of how physical therapy can help treat any back pain a football player may be experiencing. Physical therapy can offer many treatment methods for this form of injury, to help players return healthy and ready to play. 

NYS Physical Therapy Telehealth is the Key to Treating Football Injuries

Football injuries can range from basic to extreme levels of severity. These injuries can determine the future of a player’s season or career. However, if the injury is treated correctly, it can help player’s get back on the field as soon as possible. Physical therapy can help properly treat any football injuries to help with a player’s recovery. Ranging from knee, back, shoulders, or even head injuries, physical therapy can be essential to treating these issues. 

Contact First Health PT for Football Injury Physical Therapy

Are you experiencing any football-related injuries? First Health PT offers NYS physical therapy telehealth, to help treat any football-related injuries. For more information, check out our website in the link here