Can a Labral Tear Cause Neck Pain? - Neck Pain Treatment in Midtown
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Can a Labral Tear Cause Neck Pain?

Are you or someone you know suffering from unexplained neck pain? There may be many reasons for this. One maybe if you just suffered a labral tear, this can be a factor in your neck pain. Our neck pain treatment in Midtown at First Health PT can help you alleviate your neck pain. Contact us today to learn more! 

What Does The Labrum Do?

The labrum is a disk made up of cartilage on the socket of the shoulder joint. It helps the joint limit excessive movement of the humerus side of the shoulder. Our labrum has the responsibility of holding the humerus to the socket which creates a healthy range of motion to the shoulder.  Our therapists will perform neck pain treatment in Midtown and will evaluate your situation to perform appropriate treatment.

How Can The Labrum Get Injured?

An individual can experience a labrum injury in many different ways, such as:

  • A direct fall to the arm 
  • Multiple shoulder injuries
  • Superior labral anterior to posterior tear (SLAP)

Superior labral anterior to posterior injuries affect the attachment of your bicep tendons to the socket of your shoulder. This could result in tendon ruptures. A few ways you can develop this is by a fall on an outstretched arm, heavy lifting, and constant throwing.

Treatments For The Labrum

There are a few different ways to treat this injury. One way may not call for surgery or any sort of operations. The labrum could heal on its own because it does have an extreme amount of blood supply which helps tremendously. If the injury of this consists of internal impingement, this may call for physical therapy and neck pain treatment in Midtown, which will include:

  • Changing the throwing mechanism
  • Strengthening muscles that externally rotate the shoulder
  • Stretching the posterior capsule
  • Massage therapy to ease tension in the areas of pain

Neck Pain Treatment in Midtown

If the injury is critical, some treatments do call for operation. Tears in the bicep tendons normally do not heal on their own because they are always pulling on the labrum. It is a good idea to think about surgery with this injury if the pain is not responding to any sort of medication or if the labrum has not healed in weeks. Normally, the surgeon will perform the arthroscopic treatment which will take out any flaps that may be impinging the movement of the humerus onto the socket. Certain people suffering from Superior labral anterior to posterior tear will need special medical attention because this may call for the tendons to be reattached to the bone.

Contact First Health PT Today!

Physical therapy can help treat your labral tear or neck pain that may be following because of it. The team at First Health PT will do anything to make sure you are feeling back to yourself! If you are in need of neck pain treatment in Midtown, contact our New York office today to learn more about how we can help!