What are the Best Back Stretches? - Low Back Pain Doctor in Midtown
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What are the Best Back Stretches?

There are many reasons why you would want to stretch your back. From relieving pain, like soreness and aches, to simply wanting to strengthen your back. Back pain can be debilitating and can be the root of other injuries. It’s essential to stretch and strengthen your back through various methods including aerobic exercise as well as moderate stretching 3 times a week. At First Health PT we have a team with years of experience to help you relieve your back pain. We can specifically set a plan to help you find a solution to manage your pain as well as prevent future injury. Lower back pain specifically occurs as you get older. However, there are methods that will instantly relieve pain in your lower back. Our low back pain doctor in Midtown can detail specific stretches that can provide pain-free stability to your lower back. 

What are the Best Back Stretches?

There are several back stretches one can do to relieve lower back pain as well as strengthen your lower back. These stretches include:  

  • Child Pose– this stretch gently stretches your lower back. This involves getting into a tabletop position with your arms out front. You want to sit back on your heels and hold. 
  • Cat Stretch- this movement will immediately relieve tension in your lower back. Begin in a tabletop position and you want to flatten then round out your back. You alternate between positions to relieve lower and middle back pain. 
  • Knee-to-Chest- This stretch will lengthen contracted lower back muscles. For this stretch, you want to lay down on your back and slowly bring both of your knees towards your chest and hold.

Low Back Pain Doctor in Midtown

Each of these stretches can drastically reduce your pain levels, increase your range of motion, and strengthen your lower back. Stretching can prevent future injuries. Most well ignore their lower back pain or tend to stay in bed, our low back pain doctor in Midtown suggests light stretching can instantly reduce the pain that is occurring. If you or a loved one is suffering from lower back pain, First Health PT is here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.