What Athletes are Most Susceptible to Back Pain? - First Health Physical Therapy
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What Athletes are Most Susceptible to Back Pain?

Lower back, upper back, and neck injuries are unfortunately common among athletes. Here at First Health Physical Therapy, we strive to treat these athletes through Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy. We encourage you to visit our back doctor in Midtown to get the help you need for your sports-related injury. 

Lower Back Injuries

Lower back injuries are the most common sports-related back injury. These types of injuries are frequently seen in sports, such as golf, running, and weightlifting. These athletes are more susceptible to injuring their lower back during their athletics due to repetitive motions. For example, golfers use a repetitive twisting motion when swinging; Runners use a repetitive impact; and weightlifters repeatedly weight load at the end of a range-of-motion. These repeated actions in time can cause the overuse of specific muscles in the lower back, specifically the lumbar spine, resulting in injury. If lower back pain due to a sports-related injury is holding you back, don’t wait to see our back doctor in Midtown.

Upper Back Injuries

Upper back injuries are less common during sports due to the thoracic spine being relatively immobile and extra support. However, it is not impossible to obtain a rib fracture, upper back injuries, or muscle strains. These upper back injuries would most likely occur in sports that involve the rotation of the torso. Such sports include weight training, swimming, golf, tennis, and even skiing. Athletes in these sports put a strain on their upper back muscles, which could, unfortunately, result in injury.

Neck Injuries

Sports that involve physical contact are most likely to have neck injuries occur. For example, athletes who play football are susceptible to neck injuries because of the hard tackles and falls. The cervical spine is at risk of being injured during a physical sport like football. Neck injuries are hazardous, but our back doctor in Midtown can address them.

How Our Back Doctor in Midtown Can Help!

Sports injuries are not uncommon, so our doctors are specialized in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our back doctor in Midtown if you are experiencing lower back, upper back, or neck pain due to a sports-related injury today.